Nairobi National Park

Ultimate Guide to Nairobi National Park

Where is Nairobi National Park located? Nairobi National Park, which is only 7 miles from the heart of Kenya’s capital city, is a truly unique place. Where else can you see giraffes from your window seat upon landing at the city’s international airport? Or observe endangered rhinos against a backdrop of skyscrapers in the downtown area?

Nairobi National Park is a good place to start if you’re planning a safari trip to any of Kenya’s more well-known locations (Amboseli, Tsavo, Samburu, and the Maasai Mara). It provides an overview of the nation’s wildlife. The park offers visitors to the capital a chance to see nature without ever leaving the city’s borders.

The months of June through October, or the dry season, are the ideal times to explore Nairobi National Park. It’s a period when you can see wildlife easily and engage in a variety of wildlife viewing activities. On the other hand, Nairobi National Park is fun all year long and has year-round attractions of its own.

Key Facts About Nairobi National Park

1. In 2020, over 200,000 people visited the Nairobi National Park in Kenya.
2. Inside the national park, the Nairobi Animal Orphanage attracted the second highest number of visitors, some 120,500.
3. It was the first national park established in Kenya in 1946.
4. It has an area of 45 square miles (117 square km).

Things to Do in Nairobi National Park

Nairobi National Park’s beautiful grasslands, woody ravines, and wide savannahs can be explored by foot or during a game drive with a certified tour operator. In addition, what draws the most people to this game reserve?

1. Enjoy Exotic Wildlife & Big Five Sightings

In Nairobi National Park, around 70 unique animal species can be found. Seeing lions, leopards, zebras, buffaloes, rhinos, wildebeests, giraffes, and hyenas is among the most common animal sightings.

2. Watch Unique Bird Species

With over 400 unique bird species identified within its boundaries, the nature reserve is a well-liked spot for bird-watching as well. Eagles, crowned cranes, secretary birds, vultures, and ostriches are among the bird species that are often seen.

3. Explore the Kifaru Ark

A building called the Kifaru Ark is situated in Kenya’s Nairobi National Park. The purpose of its construction was to offer injured or orphaned rhinos a secure refuge. Countless rhinos have called The Ark home over the years, and it continues to play a vital part in the Park’s conservation efforts.

4. Visit the Black Rhino Sanctuary

A handful of black rhinos that are in grave risk of extinction can be seen in Nairobi National Park. Established in 1983, the Nairobi Black Rhino Sanctuary plays a crucial part in the conservation efforts for these species.

5. Discover the Ivory Burning Monument

Also, visitors can look for the Ivory Burning Site Monument in Nairobi National Park. The 1989 burning of 11 tons of ivory that had been confiscated by Kenyan President Jomo Kenyatta is honoured by this monument as an important event in the history of wildlife protection.

6. Walk through the nature trails near Hippo Pools

Nairobi National Park’s Hippo Pools walking track is a great place to start your journey on foot. This gorgeous location, which is close to the Nairobi River, provides views of several of Nairobi’s popular animals, such as crocodiles and hippos.

7. Must see the Animal Orphanage

Founded in 1963, the Nairobi Animal Orphanage is a well-liked attraction within Nairobi National Park. When visiting the orphanage, guests may receive up-close looks at a wide variety of animals. The orphanage was built to provide care and rehabilitation for animals who have been injured or left for adoption.

Safaris at Nairobi National Park

Depending on your interests, your budget, and the kind of experience you’re looking for, there are different ways to find the ideal safari in Nairobi National Park. In Nairobi National Park, some of the most well-liked safari options are as follows.

1. Game drive with guides

Scheduling an expertly guided game drive is a popular and advised option for a Nairobi National Park safari. These experts are skilled at spotting wildlife and are aware of the ideal places to look for different kinds of animals. They can offer useful information about the creatures, their habits, and the ecology of the park.

2. Early morning game drive

If you want to see the park come to life at daybreak, this is a great time to go. Animals are more active in the early hours of the day, so you may have a higher chance of seeing predators in action.

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3. Afternoon or evening game drive

Keen on Nairobi National Park day tour? A game drive in the afternoon or evening provides an alternative safari experience and the chance to watch animals as they start their evening activities. Some animals are more active in the cooler parts of the day, such as lions.

4. Combination safari

A few tour companies provide safari packages that include visits to the Giraffe Centre and the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, two nearby attractions, in addition to Nairobi National Park. With this option, you may maximise your time and get more done in a single trip.

5. Photography safari

If you love taking pictures, you should think about scheduling a dedicated photography safari. These safaris are escorted by seasoned wildlife photographers who may offer advice and pointers for taking breathtaking pictures of the park’s wildlife and scenery.

6. Walking safari

Some operators provide guided walking safaris inside Nairobi National Park for a more immersive experience. This gives you the opportunity to investigate the park’s lesser-known features and get a fresh look at the animals.

7. Night safari

Although Nairobi National Park does not often offer night safaris, certain operators might offer specialty night drives that allow you to see nocturnal species that are out and about after dark.

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Where to Stay near Nairobi National Park

Nairobi National Park is ideally situated near the wealthy suburbs of Karen and Langata, which have a variety of 5-star hotels. The most iconic hotel in Nairobi, Ole Sereni, is located next to JKIA and Wilson Airport and opposite Nairobi National Park.

Want the best Nairobi National Park pictures? Our hotel is ideal for families and business travellers seeking more privacy with breathtaking views of Nairobi National Park and the city. The 134 hotel rooms at Ole Sereni in Nairobi are thoughtfully equipped with modern facilities like LCD flat-screen TVs, minibars, and everything you could possibly want.

Dine at Eagle’s Steakhouse to savor hand-picked steaks or fresh seafood, Big Five Restaurant to enjoy authentic Indian cuisine, Waterhole Sports Bar to try specialty sandwiches or beneath the stars at Ngong Pool Bar. The famous Nairobi National Park provides a stunning backdrop for all of our best restaurants in Nairobi.

Whether you want to spend a whole day exploring Aberdare National Park or Lake Nakuru National Park, enjoy cultural trips at Bomas of Kenya and Kazuri Beads Factory, or combine many half-day safari activities in Nairobi National Park, you can book your adventures with us.

Also, Ole Sereni is only 15 minutes from CBD Nairobi. We offer 4 versatile, naturally lit event spaces that can accommodate anything from a business meeting to an elegant wedding or fundraiser. Whatever you do with your day, our Duma Salon & Spa and relaxing infinity pool will heal, hydrate and energize you for your next adventure.

How to get to Nairobi National Park

How to visit Nairobi National Park? You can reach Nairobi National Park in several ways, such as via car, public transport, booking a tour or staying at hotel that is close by. The Nairobi-Mombasa highway makes it simple to get from Nairobi’s city centre to the wildlife haven if you intend to drive.

Kenya Railways Corporation runs trains and buses that stop at Nairobi National Park Station and Nairobi Railway Station. These are examples of public transport options.

But, staying at Ole-Sereni or booking a tour with us is the most efficient way to enjoy the park. In addition to providing transport to the park, we also provide guided wildlife safaris there. Keep reading for Nairobi National Park entry fees.

Tips for your Visit to Nairobi National Park

There is an admission cost for visitors visiting Nairobi National Park. The age of the tourist and the kind of vehicle being used for transport are taken into account when deciding fees. What are the Nairobi National Park charges? The park levies the following basic fees and charges.

Adults: USD 60 USD
Children: USD 20

Extra costs could apply for other park activities like camping, wildlife safaris, and special events. Visit the Nairobi National Park website to learn more about the fees, including current rates and other details. Here are a few tips for your visit to Nairobi National Park.

  • It is best to enter the park with a tour guide unless you are very certain of where to go. Visitors have the greatest chance of seeing animals they are most interested in seeing since the guides coordinate with one another regarding the locations of the animals.
  • For the most uninterrupted views of everything around you, choose a car with an open top.
  • While seeing lions, buffalo, rhinos, and leopards tend to be the main goal of visitors, the park also offers views of over 400 different bird species and over 100 other mammals.
  • Animals, especially large cats, are most active in the early morning and late evening. For the best chance of seeing something amazing, try to visit either early in the day or late in the day.
  • April through June and again in October and November are the wet seasons. It’s especially crucial to hire a guide because the roads can get tricky, although there are beautiful wildflowers in bloom and less visitors.

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