Unique Experiences

Memorable Safaris from Nairobi

Adventure of a Lifetime

From our central Nairobi location, enjoy access to all of the greatest wildlife viewings. Whether you’re looking to combine multiple half-day safari adventures at Nairobi National Park, take cultural tours at Bomas of Kenya and Kazuri Beads Factory, or seeking to visit the Aberdare National Park or Lake Nakuru National Park on a full-day excursion. And with so many recreational activities to enjoy at our 4 star hotel in Nairobi, there’s all the more reason to make Ole Sereni your home for longer.

Bomas of kenya

Giraffe Center Nairobi Tour

Kazuri Beads Factory

Aberdare National Park

Elephant Animal Orphanage Tour

Learn more about elephants, one of the most famous Big Five animals of Africa as we embark together on the Elephant Animal Orphanage Tour. Just 15 minutes away from our luxury airport hotel in Nairobi, the conservation centre offers shelter to baby elephants who have been abandoned in the wild, helping them learn the skills needed to survive on their own. You’ll be able to see incredible wildlife in a controlled environment similar to their indigenous habitats.

for the national park enthusiasts

Safari means “journey” in Swahili, and Ole Sereni represents a once-in-a-lifetime journey for those who wish to see the stunning wildlife in its natural habitat. Whether discovering the majesty of the Nairobi National Park by vehicle or foot or savoring the most memorable dining and wellness experiences back at the top hotel in Nairobi, explore the many activities to create a unique itinerary that is distinctly yours.

nairobi national park

amboseli national park

Karen Blixen Museum

Lake Nakuru National Park

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