Things To Do In Nairobi This Holiday Season

Why Kenya is the Perfect Holiday Destination?

When you think about Kenya, what comes to mind first? Magnificent wildlife, rich culture, amazing landscapes, and friendly people are probably the immediate thoughts that hit your mind. This is because Kenya has it all!

Kenya inspires wonder in visitors thanks to its natural beauty. There are lush green trees with sun-dappled leaves in the forests of Nairobi National Park. With over 40% of Kenya being forested land, there are so many opportunities for outdoor activities when visiting this country.

Kenya is a perfect destination for vacationers looking for a unique experience away from the hustle of everyday life. It’s also an ideal country to visit any time of year with its diverse natural beauty and indigenous cultures.

When Is the Best Time of Year to Visit Nairobi

Kenya has a wealth of beautiful sights and experiences. In the dry season, the country’s stunning landscapes are best appreciated. Furthermore, this is also a time when you can visit Kenya’s National Parks so you can see its diverse wildlife.

You should schedule your Nairobi tour activities during the dry months of July through October and also from January to February. This is because these are the least rainy months of the year.

Nairobi experiences a lot of rain during the wet season which decreases the chances of enjoying activities such as safaris, hiking, and mountain climbing.

However, this doesn’t mean that there is nothing to do in Nairobi during the rainy season because October – May are still warm enough to enjoy outdoor activities such as visiting historical sites around the city or going on a safari.

From December through March, you will enjoy spring-warm average temperatures. This is a great time of year to visit Nairobi and it’s also not high season, which means prices remain affordable while the weather is beautiful. The weather in Kenya can be very turbulent which means that you might get a chance to experience a lot of different colors every day!

12 Awesome Things to Do in Nairobi this Holiday Season

The capital city of Kenya has a lot to offer for both locals and tourists to enjoy during the festive season. Nairobi is a hub of unique experiences, so plan your vacation with these ideas about what you should see and do when visiting Kenya-

Foster Orphaned Elephants at David Sheldrick

Wildlife Trust

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is a Kenya-based organization founded to rewild orphaned African elephants. They care for elephants who have escaped or been abandoned by their family. Daphne Sheldrick found this project in 1977 after the death of her husband, David Sheldrick, who was a former warden at Tsavo East National Park.

The center provides elephants and rhinos with a home in the misty mountains of Southern Kenya. In addition, they help release orphaned animals back into the wild. You will have the opportunity to see these specially raised lovable creatures up close. Your entrance fee helps support the project’s conservation efforts.

The Elephant Orphanage is located in the Nairobi National Park, Kenya, and is open to the public for one hour every day from 11 am to noon. In that hour, orphaned elephants come in for their morning mud bath and feeding. If you love spending time at wild animal reserves, this is the place to go!

Hangout with Giraffes at the Giraffe Centre

The Giraffe Centre in Nairobi is a non-profit wildlife organization that provides visitors with the opportunity to come face to face with Rothschild giraffes. The main purpose of the facility is to promote conservation efforts through education programs for children.

This non-profit center is on the grounds of a luxurious guesthouse, called Giraffe Manor, Where you can experience a sumptuous breakfast with Kenya’s famous giraffes roaming around the property.

The visitor center displays information about the giraffes. A raised platform lets you interact with them at eye level and feed them. This non-profit Giraffe centre is an experience on its own.

Experience Solitude at Karura Forest Reserve

If you are interested in getting some greenery or reading by the side of a beautiful river, then the Karura Forest is the perfect spot for you. It is located a few kilometers away from the city center.

The forest here is one of the largest urban forests in the world. You can hike to a 15-meter waterfall. Monkeys are often seen in the trees near Lily Lake. It is a beautiful place to watch them and just relax.

If you want to enjoy a great day with your loved ones, it is best to go on a picnic. You’ll also be able to experience the natural beauty of Karura Forest with its trees and numerous butterflies.

Visit Karen Blixen Museum

Karen Blixen Museum in Nairobi is one of the top tourist attractions in the national capital. The museum was once the home of Danish author Karen, but it gained international fame after the release of “Out of Africa,” one of the most successful film adaptations based on her autobiography.

Karen Blixen lived here from 1917-1931 and ran a coffee plantation. This colonial farmhouse is still accessible, enabling visitors to tour the well-preserved farmhouse, kitchen building, and coffee drying plant.

The furniture and memorabilia of Karen Blixen can be seen, as well as books and photographs from her personal collection. Guides give the story of her life in Kenya in an enthusiastic tone.

Explore Nairobi National Museum

Nairobi National Museum is a must for travelers interested in Kenya’s rich heritage. It has a massive permanent collection that combines history, culture, and artwork. The museum displays artifacts across two floors and has a nature trail weaving through the grounds, botanical garden, and outdoor sculptures.

You can learn a lot about the earth’s natural history and its most ancient inhabitants with an exploration of rocks & minerals in the Geology Gallery. You can also see a variety of fossils from various prehistoric periods with a visit to the Hominid Vault.

The Snake Park is an adjacent attraction at the National Museums of Kenya, which also includes an entrance to the exhibits. Visitors can buy a combined ticket that includes access to both attractions.

Learn about Kenyan Culture at Bomas of Kenya

Bomas of Kenya is a living museum and one of Kenya’s favorite attractions. Bomas is also a great place for people interested in learning about the tribes and cultures of Kenya, as well as their lifestyle, art, music, and crafts.

This destination is a recreation of a traditional village featuring homesteads and bomas, each one representing a different ethnic group. Every afternoon, a team of performers does a traditional dance & song at the large theater. Audience participation makes the musical performance more entertaining.

Shop at Kazuri Beads Factory Tour

Shop at Kazuri Beads Factory to buy something unique and special for your loved ones. Kazuri Beads Factory is a great place to shop. Your purchase helps local women at the same time! The Swahili word “Kazuri” means “small and beautiful,” and these shiny, small yet gorgeous, vibrant colors are sure to get your attention.

If you’re around, stop by for a tour of the factory and learn about how local women, including single mothers, create their jewelry or pottery finds. Afterward, you can purchase one or more finds to take home with you! They are lovely pieces & are great gifts for your loved ones.

Watch the View from Kenyatta International Conference Centre

The Kenya International Conference Centre (KICC) has amazing 360-degree views of the city from its rooftop deck! It was named after Kenya’s first president, Jomo Kenyatta, and it hosts many important meetings and conferences annually.

The building is renowned for hosting international conferences, meetings, and exhibitions. It’s also a unique landmark in the city. Though not the tallest building in Kenya, the tower is 28 stories and dominates the skyline with a large amphitheater.

The building has a terracotta façade that looks like traditional African huts. The central plenary hall is modeled after the ancient Roman Senate. The building is an architectural highlight in Nairobi because of its iconic rooftop views of city life.

Enjoy Biking on Ngong Hills

The Ngong Hills are the highest peaks of a ridge that overlooks the Great Rift Valley in Kenya. Many white settlers came here to establish their farms, which remain today but seem more suited to southern England than Kenya! The hills are close to Nairobi and are known for giving welcome relief from the city heat.

Biking on Ngong Hills offers a lot of adrenaline to any outdoor enthusiast who is passionate about exploring and taking in nature. The trail is quite serene and you can experience stunning wildflowers part way through your ride.

Ngong Hills are famous for their scenic view, excellent trail conditions, and diverse birdlife. Biking on Ngong Hills is not very challenging and can be done by anyone who has a decent level of physical fitness.

Shop at Maasai Market

For shoppers, there’s no place better than the Maasai Market in Nairobi. Not only can you get a diverse range of items at an affordable price, but you’ll also find some really good souvenirs to take back.

Maasai sandals, Kiondos, Shukas, sculptures, and artwork are some of the most popular items to purchase at Maasai Market. Some products tend to be cheaper during the evening hours than the lunch hours. This makes it easier for you to visit at those times and save as much as possible.

Learn about the history of Kenya at Railway Museum

The Rail Museum in Nairobi celebrates the rich history of railroads and how these contributed to Kenya’s development.

The museum’s collection features some interesting items like train and ship models, photographs from the original construction of the Uganda Railway, as well as a silver service set used on overnight trains. There are also various magazines and maps.

The museum has a display of locomotives and rolling stock. One of the items on display is a model of the MV Liemba, built by the Germans and still in use along Lake Tanganyika.

Visit the National Archives

The National Archives in Nairobi is devoted to telling the stories of Kenya’s country, tribal culture, art, history, and politics. It’s housed in the old Bank of India building. The art and history on display give insight into Kenyan tribal culture, and the politics the country has had to face.

This museum house the collection of Joseph Murumbi, who arguably is one of Africa’s most famous collectors. There are many paintings, artifacts & other items on display in the main floor gallery that have historical value.

On the second floor, visitors will find art and many extracts from other collections. The National Archives reading room is used as a place to work on personal and professional projects.

3 Must-See Attractions and Safaris In Nairobi This December

Nairobi is home to Kenya’s first national park, Nairobi National Park. The park is located just seven kilometers from the skyscrapers of Nairobi’s city center and offers a haven for wildlife. The park also protects countless critically endangered rhinos.

Thousands of species of animals thrive in the Nairobi National Park. It is a world-class biodiversity hotspot and a great place for people to visit. In addition, you can see a wide range of animals including rhinos, lions, gazelles, buffaloes, warthogs, cheetahs, zebras, giraffes & ostrich.

The Nairobi Safari Walk is a popular attraction filled with animal sights for animal lovers. It has walking trails that weave around the area known as Hippo Pools. The park also has orphaned baby elephants & rhinos that can be seen & interacted with.

Mt Longonot National Park

As you depart to Nairobi’s outskirts and enter the more rural and natural areas of Kenya, you see a vast contrast in the landscape. The city eventually gives way to greenery, which eventually leads you close to some of Kenya’s famous National parks. The landscape is beautiful and known for its volcanic craters & lakes. This is what makes people fall in love with Africa.

Mt Longonot is the most visible of these volcanoes. It’s a dormant volcano located in Nairobi that makes for a great ‘away from it all’ vacation. Longonot isn’t actually a traditional safari park. It’s all about hiking.

There are many steep volcanic slopes with thick forests. Common “birds and monkeys” live in this area, while humans can get up to the crater summit & enjoy stunning views of the crater & part of the surrounding landscape.

Hells Gate National Park

If you’re traveling in Kenya and looking for a day trip, we recommend visiting Hells Gate National Park. The wildlife in the park is very varied. There are plains animals including zebras, cape buffalo, ostrich, and wildebeest as well as a diverse range of birds. The fact that you can walk & cycle through the park makes it one of Kenya’s best for this type of activity.

If you are looking for some exhilarating action with nature, this is the place. It has some of the best rock-climbing opportunities in Kenya, making it a great place to stretch your legs after a day of trekking. Weekends can be crowded since it is located near Nairobi.

Where to stay in Nairobi for the Holidays?

You’ll want to find a hotel that meets your needs when going on a holiday. That’s the place where you’ll come back after a day of excitement and relaxing in the city of Nairobi. In this scenario, Ole Sereni Hotel is one of those rare places that would never fail to pleasantly surprise you with its accommodating design and facilities.

Ole Sereni Hotel is deemed one of the best airport hotels in Kenya for leisure and business travelers, conferences, weddings, and other events. The vivid greens and golds of the Nairobi National Park, allow you to view the landscape from its best point. The views at Ole Sereni Hotel are something you shouldn’t miss!

Stay in sensational rooms at Ole Sereni! You will find them to be both glamorous and luxurious–the perfect combination for your stay. Enjoy a perfect luxury stay in Nairobi with breathtaking views of the Nairobi National Park.

It’s not only the quality of the service that sets this hotel apart. Ole Sereni Hotel provides direct Airport transfer to the hotel for you, making your trip comfortable and easy.

Besides Airport Transfers, we also offer a wide range of Tours and Activities that includes-

  • Bomas of Kenya
  • Aberdare National Park
  • Amboseli National Park
  • Lake Nakuru National Park
  • Kazuri Beads Factory
  • Nairobi Safari Park
  • Giraffe Center Nairobi Tour
  • Karen Blixen Museum
  • Elephant Animal Orphanage Tour

To get the best of your trip this holiday season Book online now or contact our Travel Desk for more information.

What are Some of the Top Activities Available in Nairobi this Christmas Season?

One of the best times of the year in Nairobi is Christmas. It is celebrated with joy and excitement by people across the country. Some of the best activities available this holiday season include:

Dine at Eagle’s the Steakhouse

Eagle’s Steakhouse is one of the most popular restaurants in Nairobi for locals and travelers. It offers a vast menu of incredible food options, including aged steak, seafood, and vegetarian options.

The restaurant is located on the 4th floor of the Ole Sereni hotel. It has an impressive wine list, delicious food, and great views of the National Park. It’s perfect for a great family dinner this Christmas!

Indoor rock climbing at Diamond Plaza

Are you looking to explore a new adventure? Indoor rock climbing at Diamond Plaza is a fantastic place for beginners and professionals alike. Whether you’re a first-timer or pro, you can find something unique here. Have a really fun time this Christmas on this fun adventure with your family, friends, and kids!

A picnic at Uhuru Park

There are a variety of things that can make Christmas really special. Spending time with family is one of them, but there are also other activities you might enjoy when Christmas arrives. Picnics with family are a great way to spend time together in the city. This park provides fun activities for all members of your family, including slides and boat rides for kids.

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