Discover some places to eat & drink in Nairobi

Introduction: How to Discover Nairobi’s Favourite Food Scene

Nairobi is home to some of the best restaurants in East Africa. With a large population and diverse culture, there is a great variety of cuisines that Nairobi residents enjoy.

The capital city of Kenya is known for its diverse cuisine with people coming from all over the world. There are many cuisines in Kenya from Swahili, Indian, Italian, and much more. Some of the most popular dishes include suya meat, ugali, and matoke.

When you visit Nairobi you should try some local cuisine that will not only taste amazing but also give you a sense of what it is like to be a Kenyan.

The History of Kenyan Cuisine

Kenyan cuisine has a history of over 1,000 years and is a melting pot of diverse cultures. Kenyan food is a mixture of people from different places.

The result is a fusion of ingredients and flavors from all over the world. This means Kenyan food can be exotic while still being familiar to your taste buds.

The Kenyan cuisine has been shaped by the country’s culture and geography. It extends from crossing the equator into neighboring countries where it meets other cuisines such as Somali, Swahili, Indian, Chinese and European.

With its rich diversity in ingredients and flavors, Kenyan dishes have been influenced by many different cultures around Kenya’s borders.

The importance of food in Kenyan culture cannot be understated. Cooking is central to social gatherings and celebrations like weddings or birthdays.

Nairobi’s Food Culture

Nairobi is a city that offers visitors a taste of what it’s like to live in Africa. The country’s diverse cultures merge and mingle to create a delicious blend of flavors and textures.

Nairobi is home to some of the best cuisines in Africa, which include Kenyan cuisine, Chinese cooking, Indian cooking, and more.

Nairobi is among the largest metropolitan cities in Africa and features a diverse population. It has a different culture from other African cities and is largely influenced by ethnicities from all over the world.

This creates an exciting atmosphere for Nairobi’s food culture because it means there are always new dishes to try from different regions around the world.

Aside from this, Nairobi has been voted as one of the world’s top 10 gastronomic cities by CNN Travel. It has also been recognized as one of the best cities.

Nairobi is home to a food scene that is expanding and becoming increasingly popular. From street food vendors to restaurants, Nairobi has a large selection of delicious dishes that are available at affordable prices.

The city has a huge range of vegan-friendly options as well as non-vegan restaurants that offer meat and fish dishes. The culinary scene is also evolving with many new fusion places popping up.

The food scene in Nairobi is growing rapidly and with the addition of new restaurants to the city, it will continue to thrive for years to come.

As the number of people moving into the city increases, so does its culinary culture. This can be seen in how restaurants and establishments have adapted their menus to fit this changing market.

One great example, where the diverse African culinary scene can be found is at Ole Sereni. Ole Sereni is a leading hotel in Nairobi for business and leisure travellers, events such as conferences, and weddings.

Located just off Mombasa road near Nairobi National Park. The hotel offers its guests views of animals in their natural surroundings at the waterhole in the park from the restaurants, bar, swimming pool, and other parts of the hotel.

What are Some of the Best Places to Eat Out in Nairobi?

Nairobi is a city that has many great restaurants for every taste. From fast-food joints to fine-dining restaurants, there are so many options to choose from.

This article provides some of the top places to eat out in Nairobi for different tastes and preferences.

If you want to enjoy a delicious meal from different cultural cuisines and a great view, check out Eagle’s the Steakhouse and The Big Five Restaurant at Hotel Ole Sereni.

Eagle’s The Steakhouse

Eagle’s Steakhouse is one of the most popular restaurants in Nairobi for locals and travelers. The restaurant offers an extensive menu of amazing food items, including aged steak, seafood, and vegetarian options.

At Eagle’s Steakhouse, they offer a wide variety of fresh food choices originating from different parts of the world. They handpick their items so that only the finest quality is on their menu.

Located on the fourth floor of the hotel. The restaurant has an impressive wine list, delicious food, and views of the National Park. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or enjoying a quality meal with family & friends, it will be a memorable experience.

The Big Five Restaurant

The Big Five Restaurant is located on the first floor of the Ole Sereni Hotel. The restaurant has a 300-foot-long veranda that lets you watch wildlife gathering around the water whole, while you enjoy your meal al fresco.

You can have a delicious seafood buffet on Fridays, featuring delicacies from the coast. They also have a wide selection of sushi, including vegetarian options, and there’s always a live salsa band playing on Saturday nights.

Nairobi’s Top 5 Daytime Hotspots for a Coffee or Drink at the Cafe

Nairobi is a city with many top-notch attractions. From cultural sites to modern malls, the city has an array of things to see and do.

So, if you are looking for a good place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, here are Nairobi’s top five daytime hotspots for that perfect coffee or drink at the cafe-

Java House

Java House is one of the first coffee shops in Nairobi. It serves one of the best types of Kenyan coffees, which are freshly hand-roasted for you.

Nairobi Java House is a large, well-known coffee place with multiple locations around Nairobi. If you’re in the mood for a Kenyan brew, this is the place to go and taste authentic Kenyan coffee.

River Cafe

The River Cafe is located inside Karura Forest, which is one of the world’s largest urban forests. The Cafe is an al fresco, all-day dining restaurant that offers views of the forest, open spaces, and high ceilings.

This is a great restaurant for enjoying a peaceful lunch and seeing the beautiful scenery of Kenya.


Originally a small house in the ’90s in Karen, that has been turned into a restaurant. The decor has a mix of East African and colonial feel, a subject that is also a part of history.

The restaurant has both indoor & outdoor seating options, a fireplace, and a fully stocked bar, Talisman is extremely popular among Upper-Class Nairobians and expats.


INTI is a bar in Nairobi. The lounge has incredible views of the city, modern décor, and some amazing drinks for you to try!

This is a great place to spend a leisurely afternoon with your significant other on a Saturday.

Boho Eatery

Located in Karen, Nairobi, Boho Eatery is the perfect spot for tourists and locals alike. It has both indoor and outdoor dining settings. The indoors are filled with natural light, potted plants, and wooden tables.

The restaurant believes in an environmentally conscious and sustainable lifestyle which is evident in its menu that offers a wide range of vegan and vegetarian options.

The Best Nairobi Bars to Check Out After Dark

Nairobi is a city that never sleeps. It is known for its lively atmosphere and diverse nightlife. Whether you’re looking for an evening out, or just want to unwind after a long day, Nairobi has you covered.

There are many bars in the city that allow visitors to enjoy both the sights and sounds of this buzzing metropolis.

Nairobi bars are among some of the best places to unwind after a very tiring day. They are usually filled with lively people, delicious food, and stimulating conversations.

There are many bars you can choose from, but the two most popular ones are the Waterhole Snack Bar and Ngong Pool Bar.

Waterhole Snack Bar

Waterhole Snack Bar is located on the first-floor veranda of the Ole Sereni Hotel. It is a beautiful spot for enjoying some delicious light meals.

You can choose from their wide range of fun-filled items, which includes tasty chicken lollipops and classic British fish and chips.

As you enjoy your meal, you’ll be able to appreciate the beauty of nature. You can spot the wildlife that gathers around the waterhole while the sunsets behind the Ngong Hills.

Ngong Pool Bar

Known for its scenic beauty, Ngong Pool Bar is another very popular spot in Nairobi. Ngong Pool Bar is the perfect place for a break from the hustle and bustle of life. It’s located at the infinity pool of the Ole Sereni Hotel.

Enjoy your favorite food choices while taking in the cool views, shady lounge chairs, and a relaxed vibe at the Ngong Pool Bar.

If you are looking for a place to have some chill vibes, good food & drinks, and even greater views; Ngong Pool Bar provides the perfect setting.

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Outdoor caterers can add so much fun and entertainment to any event by transforming the space into a bustling, buzzing, and delicious party.

Catered outdoor events are perfect for countless occasions. Whether you need a break or want to celebrate, they’ll make sure your day is as festive as possible.

For events like these, Outdoor Catering by Ole Sereni is your best option. Make an enquiry to find out more about the Nairobi National Park Location or request that they come to your location.

If you’ve got a big event coming up, consider taking advantage of the beautiful summer weather and treating your guests to a picnic-style affair. It’s an easy way to create a fun, festive atmosphere without feeling too much like work.

Conclusion: Discover Nairobi’s Favourite Restaurant & Bar Scene Today!

Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya and largest city in East Africa, has a very diverse and extensive food scene that offers something for everyone’s taste buds.

It is one of the world’s most exciting cities. This vibrant metropolis is home to some of the world’s best restaurants and bars.

With so many restaurants and bars in Nairobi, it can be difficult to decide where to start, this is why we have put together a guide on some of the best restaurants and bars in Nairobi.

These places have been selected to provide you with a wide variety of cuisines and the typical Kenyan experience.

If you’re looking for a restaurant that offers a perfect location, delicious food, and lively ambiance, Ole Sereni Hotel is the place for you!

Reservations at the Hotel’s restaurants are always best made in advance, particularly during peak hours. So reserve your table now to avoid waiting in the queue!

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