7 Unique and Exciting Ways to Spend Your Summers in Nairobi, Kenya

What Makes Nairobi Unique And Special?

Nairobi, Kenya’s capital, is one African city you shouldn’t miss on your visit. It is both a popular tourist destination and business destination because of its diverse economy, cultural attitude, and wonderful natural wonders.

One of the best things about visiting Nairobi in Kenya is seeing some of Africa’s most charismatic animals in their natural habitats. The country is filled with diverse landscapes for tourists to explore, including vibrant cityscapes, expansive desert plains, and dense rainforests.

Nairobi is an exciting place to be. There are a lot of shops, parks, theaters, and museums spread all over the city. The city seems especially attractive to tourists as it has a lot of things to offer so it can be considered one of the most-visited African cities out there.

7 Unique and Exciting Ways to Spend Your Summers in Nairobi, Kenya

Kenya is a country of diverse landscapes, cultures, and activities, making it a great place to explore. Here are 7 unique and exciting ways to spend your summers in Nairobi:

1) Take a safari tour to Nairobi National Park and witness Kenyan wildlife in their natural habitat

Nairobi is known for its natural beauty, and the Nairobi National Park will allow you to experience something different in this African city. A variety of endangered wildlife roams this African savanna, including black rhinos, lions and cheetahs, buffalos, giraffes, and more. Attractions also include picnic areas and walking trails for hikers.

The National Park is the most popular tourist destination in Nairobi because they offer exciting safari drives. On the drives, visitors can view lions, cheetahs, black rhinos, and giraffes. If you want to learn about the natural wildlife firsthand, a walking safari can be a great way. You’ll have an up-close experience with animals in their natural environment and will likely get to spot some exotic creatures while on your tour.

2) Stay in the Giraffe Manor in Nairobi

The Giraffe Centre is a beautiful boutique resort near Nairobi National Park. You’ll have peace and tranquility with gorgeous surroundings to enjoy while taking in the tranquil ambiance of Kenya.

Visiting the Giraffe Centre allows you to be an important part of the preservation effort for Rothschild Giraffes in Africa. You get up close and learn a lot about their natural habitat, which is essential because they are a type of animal that only exists in specific parts of Africa.

The Giraffe Centre is one of the few places left where you can get up close to Rothschild giraffes and feed them with your own hands. They play an important role in the conservation of these majestic creatures.

3) Go on an exciting biking adventure in Ngong Hills

Ngong hills near Nairobi are a popular getaway if you’re looking for some time off from the hustle and bustle of city life. They overlook the Great Rift Valley and provide a sweeping view of Kenya’s landforms.

Ngong Hills offers a beautiful view of nature. Whoever loves exploring and going on hikes will love the feeling of adrenaline and excitement this trail entails. The trail comes with wildflowers which add to the liveliness of the experience.

Ngong Hills is a famous destination for cyclists. It offers both scenic views and great cycling opportunities. It’s an easy trail and doesn’t require much fitness expertise.

4) Enjoy a luxurious meal and watch the sunset from The Big Five Restaurant at Ole-Sereni

The Big Five Restaurant is one of the most well-known locations in Nairobi. This charming restaurant offers splendid views of the Nairobi National Park. For a great gastronomic experience, visit The Big Five Restaurant at Ole Sereni in Nairobi.

The outdoor veranda is a hit at the Big Five Restaurant, where you can enjoy the wildlife in Nairobi National Park while sitting outside and watching the mesmerizing sunset. Come to eat on Fridays for a delicious seafood buffet! Our sushi selection is made to be perfect for anyone and we offer live bands playing on Saturday nights as well. Come and have a great time with us.

5) Visit Maasai Market for shopping souvenirs

Maasai Market is a popular shopping destination in Nairobi. Maasai Market is a great place to shop for affordable, beautiful, and colorful souvenirs. The range of stalls there gives you plenty of options and finding what you love is easy!

It has a wide variety of goods to purchase, including African pots and pans, African paintings, African materials, and other curiosities, jewelry, shoes, and clothes. Shopaholics, get ready to head to the Masai market! It’s one of the most lively spaces in Kenya and a little irresistible for newcomers. Kenyan artisans are very entrepreneurial and make their way from different communities.

6) Get away from the city hustle and hike in the Karura Forest Reserve

Karura Forest is a lovely, tranquil escape just outside the city. This vast reserve provides escape from all the hustle and bustle of downtown, perfect when looking to relax and unwind. Spending time in the outdoors should be a fun city experience. Hike to the top of a 15-meter waterfall, take a picnic in the gardens, or play some games with your friends here at Karura Forest Reserve.

This is one of the world’s largest urban forests. There are also a lot of monkey sightings in this area by Lily Lake. It’s a beautiful place to watch them and just relax! You might see a lot of different species of birds, other animals, and even butterflies. After your adventure with the wildlife, try some delicious food and drink at a riverside café.

7) Experience a Tribal African dance show at Bomas of Kenya

There are many unique tribes in Kenya, and the best way to learn about their cultures is by visiting the Bomas. The museum is about 10 kilometers from the city center and has an exhibition of artworks.

The complex has an ethnic village with homesteads or bomas, each one reflecting the culture of major groups. Every afternoon, a troupe performs cultural dances and songs in the theater. Audience participation is encouraged so you can feel like you’re actually experiencing the culture firsthand!

Enjoy These Summer Activities In Nairobi With Your Family

This summer, take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy outdoor activities with your family in Nairobi. Nairobi offers an array of outdoor activities for families. Activities like hiking, bird watching, and cultural tours, are some of the most popular in this Kenyan city.

If you want to spend more time with your family this summer, consider taking them on a cultural tour of Nairobi that will give them a taste of Kenya’s rich history and culture. Nairobi is also home to some of Africa’s most popular museums and cultural landmarks such as the Nairobi National Park and Giraffe Center.

Nairobi is a great place to visit during summer because it has a mix of both urban and rural areas that offer different experiences for visitors. It is an intriguing destination full of sights and cultural activities you’ll struggle to find anywhere else. You should start planning your trip to Nairobi today! You’ll be amazed at the wonder and beauty of this city.

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